St. Antoine Absinthe


The absinthe St. Antoine from Martin Zufanek is based on a French recipe ; it is certainly one of the best Czech absinthes! The Zufanek Distillery was founded in 2000. At first, the family focused on the production of honey and fruit based liqueurs. In 2008, Martin started to distill absinthe and the St. Antoine was the first one of this distillery. Shortly after the launch of St. Antoine, Martin created La Grenouille, and absinthe Mead Base.

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A very affordable and uniquely enjoyable absinthe. Thinner than most with a grassiness and mysterious spiciness that combine to make up a very refreshing and different style of absinthe. There are many “anise free” absinths in Czech Republic, maybe that’s why Zufanek has reduced anise quantity and replaced it with more fennel. Absinthe St Antoine contains only natural ingredients, made by macerating select herbs and spicesinto a high-quality grain neutral spirit for a precise amount of time. Most of the herbs used for the absinthes are also grown by the Zufanek family themselves. Their mission is: 100% natural products.

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