Spaten Munich Lager


In 1894 Spaten became the first brewery in Munich to produce this brand of light lager. Premium brand, bottom fermented Munchner Lager with a supremely well balanced hop flavor. The combined experience of Spaten’s master brewers and the use of superior raw materials and ultra-modern technologies have ensured top quality in Spaten products for more than 600 years.
6-pack 330ml. Bottles

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Oktoberfest is a traditional festival in Munich, Germany which originally celebrated the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess in 1810. As early as 1860 the Oktoberfest could boast of 100,000 visitors. The Bavarians display their colorful local costumes and leather shorts, listening to music from the brass bands. Get yourself a glass today and a few for your best buddies in one of these custom beer mugs & steins.

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