Slivovitz barrel aged by Zufanek


Slivovitz originated in the Balkan Peninsula; the name derives from the South Slavic word for a plum, šljiva. Production is concentrated in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and to a lesser extent in Austria, Germany, Italy and elsewhere. The majority being by the MARASKA Distilleries in Croatia.
It is the national drink of Croatia, where about 70% of plum production goes into slivovitz.

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Slivovitz barrel aged production process requires a lot of precision and time. The plums used for this Slivovitz are all cultivated and harvested from the organic certified Zufanek estate in the Czech Republic. Starting with the harvest and the selection of the plums (only ripe and healthy fruits are processed further). After selecting the plums, they are prepared to ferment for at least 2 months, in an air-tight 160l tank, where they can develop and reveal their aroma. The time spent in an oak barrel adds lovely hints of vanilla and wood to this fruity spirit. A tasty composition!

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