GH Mumm Cuvee Privilege Brut Champagne

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This champagne is a brightly sparkling, light golden yellow liquid with an abundance of fine and elegant bubbles. The nose reveals initial aromas of ripe fresh fruit (white and yellow peaches, apricots), tropical notes (lychee and pineapple). It then opens up with the fragrance of vanilla before developing notes of milky caramel, breadcrumbs and yeast, culminating in aromas of dried fruit and honey. An explosion of freshness in the mouth, followed by strong persistence. The complex aromas of fresh fruit and caramel perpetuate the intensity.

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Founded in 1827 in the heart of Champagne, Champagne Mumm is recognized as a leading grand marque whose reputation has been built on the quality of both its non-vintage bruts and select vintage wines. Located in Reims, France, Champagne Mumm is situated in the heart of Champagne atop 16 miles of vaulted caves of chalk. Each glass of Champagne Mumm is infused with a long-standing passion for terroir, advanced winemaking techniques and a meticulous approach to blending.

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