Germain Robin XO Brandy


Germain Robin XO Brandy is hand-distilled on their antique cognac still from twelve different premium wine-grape sources, cellared in Limousin oak. The wine used for distillation is of unusual quality: premium varietals, notably Pinot Noir. Using such high-quality wine gives the XO a distinctively soft richness of flavor and a wonderfully long and complex finish.

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Germain Robin XO Brandy is simply the finest XO that exists —smoother, more balanced, more complex than XO cognacs, with a subtle and distinctive Californian fragrance & flavor of deep, rich fruit. This is the brandy they set out to make when they founded GERMAIN-ROBIN. Germain-Robin is the only producer in the world to base its distilling material on 100% world-class wine grapes. The Select Barrel XO is 80% Pinot Noir. No French producer distills grapes of this quality.


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