Fleischmann Gin


Fleischmann Gin has juniper and spicy notes, dusty coriander on the nose, while an intimation of celery and pine hovers in the background. The palate itself is smooth and rich. It begins quietly, biding its time while juniper builds. A solid, well made gin that has a fruity appeal.

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Fleischmann Gin has a long history. The origins of Charles Fleischmann, the first American-made gin, date back to 1870. Charles came to the United States during the Civil War from Europe with a distilling background. Once in America, he saw the need for the improvement of backing and returned to Austria to acquire samples of yeast. Soon after, Charles returned to the States with his younger brother Maximillian and in 1868 the brothers joined  James Gaff, a Cincinnati distiller, in a partnership.


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