Eric Chevalier Chardonnay


Eric Chevalier Chardonnay is an un-oaked Chardonnay goodness that is seductive in its directness and easy simplicity. Exactly what Chardonnay grown in the Loire should taste like. The Loire Valley where it borders the Atlantic is among the most complex terroir in the world, but fortunately, this has never translated into high prices. Although Éric Chevalier works with a number of different grape varieties, his terroir leaves its distinctive mark on each of his delicious, price-worthy wines.

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Eric Chevalier Chardonnay has seen zero oak. It has an easy simplicity, a directness. Dry, crisp, fresh as can be. It is reminiscent of its proximity to the ocean; you can almost feel a sea breeze on your face as you drink this. Strong fruit scent of pear, also some honeysuckle, white flowers. No tropical fruits. On palate, medium/high acidity, minerality, pear on palate as well.Crisp, clean and refreshing.

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