Early Times Kentucky Whiskey


Early Times Kentucky Whiskey is gently cycled through barrel char layers up to eight times a year, creating smooth, easy-to-drink whisky. The Early Times mashbill contains more rye than many other whisky recipes. Only charred American white oak barrels are used to mature Early Times. Early Times is a Kentucky Whisky because it is aged in seasoned oak barrels for added smoothness without sacrificing taste.

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Early Times Kentucky Whiskey is distilled in Shively, Kentucky by the Brown-Forman Corporation. Early Times was not popular until 1920 when Congress passed the Volstead Act and Prohibition began. The brand prospered due to its maker having a license to continue production and is one of the first brands to capitalize on resurgence of whisky after World War II. Early Times Pussycat and Tomcat drinks were first nationally recognized bourbon drinks since the whisky sour.


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