Dom Perignon Champagne in Gift Box


Dom Perignon Champagne in Gift Box is beautifully presented. The branded box is a luxury gift box making it the perfect present. Dom Pérignon is Vintage only and at Moet & Chandon they dare not to release the Vintage when the harvest does not meet its ideal. Each Vintage wine is created from the best grapes grown in one single year. Dom Pérignon invents, perfects, and passes on the enhanced techniques to create a wine whose reputation is second to none.

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Offer Dom Perignon Champagne in Gift Box for the perfect way to celebrate any holiday or occasion. Dom Perignon was first produced in 1936. Moet et Chandon which purchased the Abbey of Hautville 120 years earlier produced a super cuvée which celebrated the Monk’s exploits. Dom Perignon has a physical presence. It is striking and demanding, tactile and vibrant rather than aromatic. It is built on rhythm and rupture more than harmony. Expressions of candied fruit, plant life and exquisite leaf freshness.

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