Cooranbong Vodka


Cooranbong Vodka is from the world’s oldest continent where the ancient worn landscape personalities the rugged, independent nature and youthful energy of her people comes a premium vodka steeped in the rich Australian history. CooranBong is born from this contrasting yet intriguing mix of culture and history. CooranBong is distilled ten times from a fusion of pure Australian water & premium grapes grown in Australia’s finest vineyards in & around the Barossa Valley.

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CooranBong Vodka is the first super premium vodka distilled from Australian grapes in the world. CooranBong is only surpassed in complexity by the region it hails from. Using select hand-picked Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the Barossa Valley, CooranBong emphasizes a unique 10x distilling process.


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