Collingwood Canadian Whisky


Collingwood Canadian Whisky is triple distilled in the copper-rich columns and doubler at the forty-some-year-old distillery. Then, as for Canadian Mist, the spirit is aged on site in white oak barrels from Brown-Forman cooperage in Kentucky. With patience and perseverance, their Master Distiller set out to create nothing short of the smoothest whisky ever made – one free from harshness and burn. The result of this painstaking effort is Collingwood.

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Collingwood Canadian Whisky is made from the finest Canadian grains and the purest water from the Georgian Bay in Collingwood, Ontario, the crystal waters of Nottawasaga Bay. Collingwood is a hand crafted whisky in a class of its own. Triple distilled and matured in white oak barrels, Collingwood undergoes a finishing step called maplewood mellowing.


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