Clan MacGregor Scotch


Clan MacGregor Scotch is a reassuringly high quality yet affordable Scotch whisky, proudly carrying the Clan MacGregor badge and motto, and with his kind permission, the personal crest of the 24th Clan Chief, Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor. A high quality, light and fragrant whisky with a well-balanced, smooth, mellow taste.

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Clan MacGregor Scotch traces its ancestry from Gregor, third son of Alpin, who was the King of Scotland in the late eighth century. This royal lineage gives rise to the Clan motto of ‘Royal is my Race’. The Clan MacGregor underwent centuries of persecution and turmoil, their lands confiscated and their very name outlawed. But they were brave and resilient, and eventually all of their rights and privileges were restored.

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