Calvados Drouin Pomme Prisonnière


This Calvados with an apple in the bottle is definitely a sight! The trick of using a pear in the bottle has been known for some time now: after placing a bottle over the still fresh fruit, it ripens to its fullest potential. Still, it happened for the first time in 1981 in Christian Drouin’s garden that an apple was also allowed to ripen in the bottle. The sugar and the fruity aromas inside the apple contribute through its life-long maceration directly in the bottle.

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In April, apple blossom covers the trees with a pink and white mantle. In May the embryo of the fruit takes form in the heart of the fading ower. In late September, the carafe is detached from the tree : it is carefully cleaned and lled with Calvados Pays d’Auge Christian Drouin. During the long months of maceration, the flavors of the apple blend with those of the Calvados. Despite a failure rate that is high, they can oer a limited number of “Pomme Prisonnière” for sale.

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