Bowen’s Small Batch California Whiskey


Bowen’s Small Batch California Whiskey is a true artisan small batch American Whiskey made from 100% corn mash, aged with hand selected Red Oak that has been naturally charred by forrest fires from the central California Piute Mountains. Bowen’s Whiskey does very well in new and traditional cocktails or other mixed drinks not normally using whiskey like a Bloody Mary or a Margarita.

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Nearly 20 years ago, Wade Bowen was fortunate enough to meet Bud, a fifth generation moonshiner. While others were experimenting at home making their own craft beers, he was more interested in spirits, particularly Bud’s smooth whiskey that was poured from mason jars. Bud shared family secrets and methods with Wade as he was getting on in age and didn’t want to see his knowledge and craft die with him.


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