Bodegas Borsao


Bodegas Borsao, which was founded in 1958, is located in one of the emerging, super quality, wine regions of not only Spain, but all of Western Europe, Campo de Borja. The soils tend to be dominated by a white chalkiness with considerable alluvial gravel and pebbles. The climate is continental, meaning extremely hot summers and cold winters with some influence from the nearby Ebro River. Bodegas Borsao demonstrates what can be done with the Garnacha grape.

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Bodegas Borsao has an incredible balance. Black cherries and blueberries coincide with gentle vanilla and toast, and mineral and rock elements finish the wine, along with a whisp of citrusy crispness. The rich, dark fruit and toast in this Garnacha blend will like a bit of smoke so barbecue your favorite something and serve it with a hearty baked mac ‘n cheese made with a sharp, quality cheddar.

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