Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream

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This luscious rum cream will take you right to the Florida Keys. From the first fresh key lime notes to the rich, buttery middle, right up to the graham cracker crust finish, it’s as though you’re visiting Key West without leaving your beach chair. With a bright citrus aroma and flavor notes of tart key lime balanced with a creamy meringue sweetness and hints of cinnamon, almond and amaretto, Key Lime Rum Cream is the perfect ingredient for beach-ready cocktails like a Key Lime Colada or a Key Lime Martini.

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Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream is a premium blended rum that was developed and inspired by owner and founder, country singer Kenny Chesney. The rum is shipped to Rochester New York where real cream, key lime, and other natural flavors are blended before bottling at 30 proof. It pours to a milky white color. The aroma is lime sherbet with a graham cracker backing. The creamy lime ice cream entry has a soft fluffy mouth feel. The flavor builds to bright key lime peak. The rum used in Blue Chair Bay rum creams comes from the Caribbean. The flavors are natural.

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