Beyond the Border Wine Duo


Cabernet Sauvignon grows very well in the high-and-dry climate of Chile. You’ll get a unique Cabernet Sauvignon culled from ungrafted root systems in Chile’s Colchagua Valley. Ripe fruit, soft tannins, and a hint of vanilla and a Malbec at it’s finest with elegant aromatics and a complex palate of intense, bright fruit. Chile has the perfect Mediterranean climate for growing grapes. Carmenère, similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, was brought over from France in the 19th century.

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This gift set includes two rich red wines: Malbec and Cabernet from South America in a wooden wine crate. South America wine and winemaking has a longer history than anywhere else in the New World. Chile has built up a wine industry geared for export. Chile called in experts and many of the vineyards are managed by companies from France or the USA.

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