Beringer Founders Estate Pinot Noir


Beringer Founders Estate Pinot Noir is from select vineyards throughout Central California and the North Coast. The vineyards are bathed in sunshine during the day and cooled by the marine layer in the evening, ensuring even and steady ripening of the grapes. Jacob Beringer started as the first winemaker when he put down roots in Napa in 1876. Lamb or pork would pair well this Pinot Noir. Use herbs in the preparation, they will complement the spice and earth elements in the wine. Green vegetables and root crops in a pasta dish would also be worth exploring.

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The Beringer Founders Estate Pinot Noir exhibits pleasing flavors that simply entices the palate from start to finish. Flavors of black cherry and plum with hints of toasted nuts and spice. The finish has a hint of sweetness along with a spicy zing that provides evidence of some oak aging.


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