Barefoot Bubbly Muscato Spumante


Barefoot Bubbly Muscato Spumante is a deliciously sweet sparkling wine perfect for your next special occasion or just a night in celebrating the every day! For the past 20 years, Jen Wall has been putting her best foot forward as Barefoot award-winning winemaker. Keep it sweet with dessert or heat it up with a plate of something spicy. Perfect for a backyard or picnic party.

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Barefoot Bubbly Muscato Spumante has fragrant fruit aromas and slightly sweet flavors that complement the crisp acidity. Apricot and peach enhance the lingering tangerine finish. Muscat wines produce light wines with distinct aromas. The basic wine styles made are spumante (sparkling) and frizzante (half-sparkling). Sweet as a peach! Apricot and peachy flavors mix it up with a crisp acidity that hangs around with a really nice finish named tangerine. Enjoy with chocolate mousse, spicy tuna, or Kung Pao chicken.

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