Aruma Malbec


Aruma Malbec is made from a blend of grapes from the best terroirs in the Mendoza region. Opaque black dark red color with a dark crimson red hue. The bouquet expresses notes of red fruit, plums, strawberries and violets. Intense palate with silky, well-rounded tannins. Long delicate finish.

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Aruma Malbec comes from a partnership between Lafite and the Catena family in 1999. The name suggests the deep darkness of the nights in the Andes and the very pure mountain air: the wines have the same rich, authentic character as their terroir. The success of the early vintages resulted in the creation of another wine: AMANCAYA which, like its older brother, is based on a harmonious balance between Argentinian identity and Bordeaux style.


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