Aquavit, Överste Brännvin, is a classic caraway brandy and is one of the most popular. The “Överste Brännvin” was very popular until about 2008, when production stopped after Pernod Ricard‘s takeover of the Swedish drinks manufacturer. Produced in Scandinavian countries, Akvavit derives its name from aqua vitae (Latin: “water of life”), applied originally to drinks distilled from wine, as it was made from imported wine; the product therefore was highly expensive until Swedish soldiers learned to make aquavit from grain.

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The Svensk Absinthe Distillery in Örebrom, Sweden, focuses on small batches made with high quality selected ingredients, that both friends harvest by hand. Almost all plants come from the distillery’s herb garden: roman wormwood (Artemisia pontica), melissa, hyssop and many other ingredients, carefully picked by hand. This allows a better control of the plants’ quality. The high quality is particularly important to Mikael and Tomas, which explains why they spend the largest part of their time in the herb garden.

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