Appleton Jamaican White Rum


Appleton Jamaican White Rum is a crisp, medium-bodied rum, a perfect complement to fruit juices, colas, and other mixers. Appleton White Jamaica Rum has been aged for up to two years in oak barrels and, unlike many other white rums, it is filtered slowly through special charcoal filters. Great for mixing, but with a pleasantly surprising range of flavor for a rum at this price point.

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Appleton Jamaican White Rum is a blend of rich pot and light column still rums. The color is extracted by slowly filtering the rum through activated charcoal. This allows Appleton White Jamaica Rum to have a fuller, richer, and more rounded character and flavor than other white rums. Appleton White Jamaica Rum is highly mixable and serves as the perfect complement to soft drinks, fruit juices and exotic punches.


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