Appleton Estate 21 year old Rum


Appleton Estate 21 year old Rum from Jamaica is true testament that not all rums are the same. The best rums are aged to allow for the blends to mature and their taste to mellow. The rums that make up Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum have been carefully selected by our Master Blender for the unique character, flavor and bouquet that they bring to the blend.

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This Appleton Estate 21 year old Rum has interesting aromas of slightly mushroomy, old barrels with notes of orange peel, nuts, coffee beans and more. It finishes spiced oak, dry and firm. These rums, which have been aged for a minimum of 21 years, are hand-blended using Appleton’s time-honored techniques and then placed in oaken vats for over two years to allow the blend to marry. The result, is a robust, medium-bodied rum with a light bouquet that is smooth and easy on the palate.


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