Angostura Rum 7 years old


Angostura Rum 7 years old is a powerful and flavorsome rum with a pleasing dark amber hue. It has subtle notes of treacle, chocolate and a gentle smokiness, whilst the palate is rich and powerful with a tantalizing hint of burnt spice. Initially designed to be utilized in classic mixers and cocktails, they unexpectedly possess excellent balance and luscious textures associated higher end spirits, making them easily enjoyed as a standalone sippers. Kosher certified.

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Angostura Rum 7 years old has a copper gold with pale gold hue. Moderate aromas of golden syrup, dates and honeycombe. Medium bodied palate offers flavors of coffee creme, honeycombe and spice with a touch of sarsaparilla. Excellent balance. Long aftertaste of liquorice allsorts followed by a drying cedar / honeycombe end note.


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