Angostura Rum 1824


Angostura Rum 1824 Limited Reserve is a blend of the finest mature rums, hand-picked by the master blender from select casks. These rums are aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of 12 years and then skillfully hand-blended and re-casked. Upon the rum ‘ s optimum maturity it is hand-drawn, filtered and hand-bottled. Sip and enjoy this extraordinary and sensually crafted blend neat, on the rocks.

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Angostura Rum 1824 exudes a rich bronze color with a seamlessly smooth texture and well rounded, medium to full body. The bouquet is seductively rich with aromas of sweet molasses, vanilla, honey, spice and cognac- like notes. The palate of Angostura 1824 Limited Reserve offers presents mouth-watering flavours of honey, fruit, chocolate, spices and herbs. The finish is remarkably long and flavor-packed.


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