Altos de la Hormigas Malbec


The joyful and fresh expression of Mendoza is in this Malbec. Red fruits, cherries and a soft note of plums that have just been picked up from the tree. This wine is all about freshness. The palate is supple and juicy, inviting to enjoy glass after glass. Soft but structured tannins and a pleasant finish. Three words can describe this Malbec perfectly: freshness, joy and vitality.

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Alto Las Hormigas has focused on Malbec from the off and is now considered one of its finest purveyors in Argentina. The unoaked Clásico is fermented with wild yeasts, giving a complex, refreshing wine with an array of dark berry fruits. Can be paired with light fare or heavier dishes, but also can be enjoyed alone. Although everyone remains committed to malbec, moving forward the journey will be a carefully mapped out evolution toward wines of a very specific origin. In short, the Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Classico will remain a fresh, introductory style, made with a mix of Mendoza grapes, although even here there is less oak influence and less intervention.


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