Alfasi Chardonnay Kosher


Alfasi Chardonnay Kosher is produced using the finest grapes grown in the Maule Valley just south of Santiago, Chile’s capital city. Chilean winemakers are known for opening their arms to forgotten European grape varieties, nursing them back to health, and then releasing them back to the rest of the world. Alfasi wines benefit from the rare union of a sunny climate with cool ocean breezes. The surrounding mountain ranges provide a cool, moisture-free climate that contributes to the top-quality that Alfasi wines exhibit. Mevushal and Kosher for Passover.

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Alfasi Chardonnay Kosher is a dry, crisp wine that displays pleasant apple and pear flavors. Quite a few wineries in Chile were founded by large French wine companies. Seeing the potential of the country, vineyards were bought and planted by these French folks and the results tell of a smart investment. Alfasi Chardonnay Kosher is best served with lightly flavored chicken, matso ball soup and fish dishes or as an aperitif.


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