Acustic Blanc


Acustic is a personal project of Albert Jané, who claims a traditional viticulture by combining independence with modern techniques for winemaking. Acustic Blanc is made without electricity and which claims and seeks the roots and the value of traditional viticulture against the “globalization” of current wines and technology. They go back to the roots and the imperfection of expressing the environment of these indomitable vineyards in the vicinity of the majestic mountains of Montsant. The winery´s name, Acústic Celler, is a direct comparison to acoustic music, and the winery´s name literally means “the Acoustic cellar.” This winery was named after acoustic music because of their philosophy of crafting wine´s that have a pure expression of their grapes, just as music without electricity.

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Acustic Blanc is made from a blend of Grenache Blanc, Macabeo, Xaralel•lo and Grenache. Pale yellow color with steely glare. Intensely aromatic. Aromas of white fruit with citrus notes. Mineral and floral background. Good entry, intense and enveloping. Silky, burly step. Very good acidity, balanced with a long finish.


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