Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch 12 year Old


Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch 12 year Old is patiently fermented for longer bringing its famous honeyed notes and making it super smooth. Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch has a fragrant nose that offers a light smokiness, incense, orange-zest and a touch of sherry. While remaining light on the tongue, an emphatically clean fruitiness is paired with very lively, fresh flavors; a bit oily with notes of tangerines.

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Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch 12 year Old is noted for its heather honey nose, fully body and rounded taste. The finish is dry and elegant, with pronounced spicy characteristics and a hint of Seville oranges.Full, golden yellow color. Almost incense-like, heather honey with a fruity softness, notes of pineapple, toast and cereal.  Syrupy palate, lingering on the tongue like a liqueur. Full bodied. Full flavor, the perfume characteristics become more spicy, with a bitter hint of Seville oranges in a decidedly dry finish. The Aberfeldy Distillery was established over 100 years ago in 1898, on the South Bank of the River Tay. Aberfeldy combines the fresh springs water of the pitilie burn with the skill of generations of craftsmen to product an outstanding single malt whisky renowned for its heather honey softness and full body.

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