86 Cana Brava Rum


Caña Brava is a 3-Year-Old Aged and Filtered Rum made from local sugar cane grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil of The Herrera Region of Panama. It is continuously distilled in a classic 1922 copper and brass still at the Las Cabras Distillery by Master Distiller And Former Minister Of Cuban Rum – for 35 years -Francisco “Don Pancho” J. Fernandez.

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The central province of Herrera, Panama, is known for its abundant sugar cane fields that grow in nutrient-rich volcanic soil fed by rivers stemming from mineral-rich mountain springs. The result is cane of the highest sugar content, perfect for making molasses for the production of fine rum. Caña Brava is named after the wild sugar cane that grows in the fertile Herrera region.

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