6th Sense Syrah


6th Sense Syrah remains a huge player in the Michael David lineup. Super-saturated, big and juicy, it makes a bright, tangy impact. Michael and David Phillips represent the fifth generation of growers in Lodi. The Phillips brothers planted one of the first Syrah vineyards in California in 1982. So knowing the Syrah was a favorite, it had to be given a special name. Grandpa Don is known for having an actual sixth sense. He knows when a woman is first pregnant and whether she will be blessed with a boy or girl. Lose a belonging? Call Grandpa Don, he’ll tell you right where it is! Not only is this wine about having an actual sixth sense, it is about using all of the five senses to enjoy any bottle of wine

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Michael~David Winery, producer of 6th Sense Syrah, strives to use all natural methods including integrated pest management. Striking aromas of ripe dark fruits radiate from the glass in an earthy, smoky tobacco context. Full, rich fruit flavors of dark berries, whole plum, and blackcurrant fill the palate and hold their flavors through a long and smooth moderately peppery finish. 6th Sense Syrah would nicely complement a rack of barbecue ribs.

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