1860 Vodka


1860’s Vodka is a vodka that fuses the pioneering spirit of the American old west with a bold, metropolitan attitude. Made in America from fine American grains – it’s not bourbon or rye, but it sure captures the pioneering spirit. The hopes and dreams, the adventures and freedoms America represents. Envisioned by two entrepreneurs in the historic Soulard district in St. Louis, Missouri, 1860s embraces rugged individualism and the American attitude.

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1860’s Vodka is handcrafted and distilled to perfection, a trailblazing spirit is embodied in every bottle. The five-times distilled vodka is a project by a pair of locals Todd McGowan and Max Burton, owner of 1860 Saloon and Hardshell Café in Soulard. Filtered through Mesquite Charcoal for a character and attitude that is uniquely American. A 100% recycled and repurposed leather sleeve and modern bottle give 1860s the look of a true legacy.

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