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  • Platte Valley Jug Corn Whiskey

    Platte Valley Jug Corn Whiskey is an authentic American moonshine. A true expression of the South.

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  • Plymouth Dry Gin

    Plymouth Dry Gin is slightly less dry than the much more common London style of gin, purportedly due to a higher than usual proportion of root ingredients, which bring a more ‘earthy’ feel to the gin as well as a softened juniper flavor. Legally Plymouth Gin could only be made within Plymouth’s city walls.

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  • Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

    Plymouth Navy Strength Gin offers a more intense and rich taste to the Original Strength. At a higher strength there is a more intense juniper flavor and the fragrant and aromatic botanicals move up several notches. On the nose it is intense, bold with fresh aromas of Juniper followed by notes of coriander and cardamom. On the palate it is full bodied, smooth and flavorful with a slight sweetness

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  • Ransom Old Tom Gin

    Ransom Old Tom Gin subtle maltiness is the result of using a base wort of malted barley, combined with an infusion of botanicals in high proof corn spirits. The final distillation is run through an alambic pot still in order to preserve the maximum amount of aromatics, flavor and body. Only the “heart of the hearts” (the very best portion of distillate) is retained for this special bottling.

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  • Redbreast Irish Whiskey 12 year old Pot Still

    Full of aroma and flavor, Redbreast 12 Year Old benefits from a strong contribution from distillates which have matured in Oloroso sherry casks. A mature fruitbowl (pears, brown bananas, strawberries), vanilla, and cloves. Thick texture, floral and creamy with burnt ginger cake. Rich and complex but still easy-drinking…“Classy”.

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  • RI 1 Rye Whiskey

    RI 1 Rye Whiskey has a uniquely smooth and sophisticated flavor. The deliberate blending of several different ages creates a higher proof; spicy, yet lighter rye taste; and long, luxurious finish that declares (rî)1 as the definition to which other rye whiskies should aspire.

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  • Rich & Rare Canadian Whisky

    Rich & Rare Canadian Whisky has a pale amber color. Aromas of vanilla buttercream, praline, and delicate mocha follow through on a soft, brisk entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with a nice oily texture and a smooth, lightly peppery fade.

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  • Roquette Absinthe 1797

    Roquette 1797 Absinthe has been brought back to life from an unpublished, hand-written manuscript dating from the eighteenth century, when absinthe was more mysterious elixir than evening aperitif. The two century-old copper alembics used by Emile Pernot for their absinthe distillations were made by the famous firm of Egrot in the early 1900s. They were especially designed and built for absinthe distillation, and they are the only stills of their kind in operation anywhere in the world.

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  • Santo Puro Mezquila

    Santo’s intense agave aroma mixes with an earthy, light smokiness with a hint of herbs. The initial bite is mellow and fades gently while the full taste and finish elicits the intricate agave flavor and herbal complexity layered with gentle smoke, slight floral fruitiness and low saltiness. When two great spirits, mezcal and tequila, come together, a Higher Spirit is born. It’s for those tired of the usual, yearning for something different: a higher taste…a higher quality…a higher experience.

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  • Sauza 100 Anos Reposado Tequila

    A favorite in the Sauza heartland, Mexico, 100 Años is regarded as a well priced brand, affordable, good for mixing and for parties. A bottle of 100 Años represents a reference to fine taste and distinction, and it is also related to the idea of an elegant and versatile tequila.

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  • Slivovitz barrel aged by Zufanek

    Slivovitz originated in the Balkan Peninsula; the name derives from the South Slavic word for a plum, šljiva. Production is concentrated in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and to a lesser extent in Austria, Germany, Italy and elsewhere. The majority being by the MARASKA Distilleries in Croatia.
    It is the national drink of Croatia, where about 70% of plum production goes into slivovitz.

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  • Smirnoff Vodka 100 proof

    Smirnoff Blue, made by the unique Smirnoff distillation process, is distilled to a higher ABV/proof than Smirnoff vodka. The Smirnoff brand began with a vodka distillery founded smirnoff 100 proof is the ultimate in smoothness and clarity.the smirnoff brand was founded in 1864 by piotr arseneevichby Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov. Nothing else tastes smoother than Smirnoff. Crafted from the finest grain and filtered in a unique charcoal process.

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  • St. Antoine Absinthe

    The absinthe St. Antoine from Martin Zufanek is based on a French recipe ; it is certainly one of the best Czech absinthes! The Zufanek Distillery was founded in 2000. At first, the family focused on the production of honey and fruit based liqueurs. In 2008, Martin started to distill absinthe and the St. Antoine was the first one of this distillery. Shortly after the launch of St. Antoine, Martin created La Grenouille, and absinthe Mead Base.

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  • St. George Absinthe Verte

    The first legal American absinthe released after the U.S. ban was lifted in 2007, St. George Absinthe Verte remains one of the most acclaimed and respected spirits in this category. Real absinthe. No artificial ingredients, no gimmicks. After the louche, the same scents and flavor remain persistent with an addition of the smell of wormwood. The taste is dry with the typical slightly bitter but addictive and calling back for sip and sip. The overall finish is a combination of sweetness fennel, basil and other herbs that display a very slight lemon balm and anise.

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  • Stoli Vodka Hot

    The only pepper vodka on the market with significant mouth-heat, Stoli Hot opens with a subtle hint of smoke, rounded out with spicy jalapeño. Mixers like pineapple and lime quell the heat some with their tartness, yet still allow the complex flavors to shine. The flavor is basically jalapeño but with a sweet finish. It has Stoli’s thicker mouth feel and is very smooth. The burn comes from the pepper, not the alcohol.

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  • Suntory 12 Year Old Yamazaki Whisky

    Pure Malt Whisky “Yamazaki” uses only 100% malt whiskies at least 12 years old. Radiant and noble, its flavor is full bodied and mellow, and the distinctive woody taste of mature malt induces a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. We suggest that you first try it straight.

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