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  • Clear Creek Distillery Douglas Fir Eau de Vie

    Clear Creek Distillery Douglas Fir Eau de Vie is made from an infusion of the springtime buds of Douglas fir picked by hand into clear brandy which is then re-distilled and re-infused with more buds. Finally it is strained and bottled. The green color and complex fresh flavor are from the Douglas Fir buds. No artificial colors or flavors are added.

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  • Clear Creek Pear Brandy with Pear in Bottle

    Clear Creek Pear Brandy with Pear in Bottle is a special bottling of pear-in-the-bottle. To make pear-in-the-bottle they actually grow the pear inside of the bottle in their orchards, and then fill it with their pear eau de vie. This practice of growing pears in the bottle is traditional in Alsace where pear brandy has been made for hundreds of years. Due to the unpredictable nature of pear growth from year to year the pear in the bottle is only available certain years.

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  • Comte Joseph VSOP Cognac

    Comte Joseph VSOP has been distilled in the greatest of Cognac traditions. It is the unique result of an exquisite blend of the best Cognac crus. Comte Joseph comes from the company Les Grands Chais de France, located in Peter Bach in Alsace.

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  • Coquerel Calvados VSOP

    Coquerel Calvados VSOP comes from Domaine du Coquerel, near the timeless Mont Saint Michel, and was founded in 1937. It takes over 13 pounds of apples to make a 750 milliliter bottle of Calvados Coquerel. It is the #2 Calvados in the world. High-quality calvados usually has parts which are much older than that mentioned. “V.S.O.P.”, or “VSOP” must be at least four years old. Calvados can be made from a single and exceptionally good year. When this happens, the label often carries that year.

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  • Courvoisier C Cognac

    Courvoisier C Cognac is a bold, revolutionary cognac that is full of attitude. An intense blend of small batch-produced cognac specially selected from 50 winegrowers in the Fin Bois Cru, C by Courvoisier is carefully crafted by Courvoisier’s master blender and goes through a double-barrel aging process to produce a smooth, powerful and full-bodied flavor profile. The 80-proof liquid is best served chilled for an unforgettable taste experience.

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  • Courvoisier Cognac 12 year old

    Courvoisier Cognac 12 year old is a blend of stock from the crus of Borderies, Fins Bois and Grande Champagne. Double distilled, bottlings are then put through a two-step aging process, first in young French oak barrels and then in reused casks to extract their tannin. The young barrels, which the house selects from a number of areas including Limousin, are given a medium char for subtle wood and vanilla notes, which avoids an aggressive, over-oaked profile.

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  • Courvoisier Cognac 21 year old

    Courvoisier Cognac 21 year old is a new product from the famous Cognac house. The eaux-de-vie used for this Cognac come from the Grande Champagne region, the cognac was aged in the company’s warehouses for over two decades in fine grain oak casks. The Connoisseur Collection is a special one. The Connoisseur Collection are the first releases from one of the major cognac houses to be graded by an age declaration, like whisky, rather than the more conventional grading of cognac, like VS, VSOP and XO.

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  • Courvoisier Cognac VS

    Courvoisier Cognac VS is an elegant and harmonious cognac with strong notes of fresh fruit and a fresh oaky taste. Courvoisier vs (very special) is a mouth-watering blend of cognacs offering complex fruity notes with a unique richness and depth. Courvoisier three star can be used for cocktails, or with ice. Its mixability is limited only by your imagination, with a taste that knows no limits

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  • Courvoisier Rose

    Courvoisier Rose is a first-of-its-kind cognac innovation. An elegant blend of Courvoisier Cognac and premium French red wine grapes, its refreshing and smooth taste makes it perfect for any occasion. The intense fruit flavors and renowned smoothness of Courvoisier Rosé makes it the perfect accompaniment with Champagne or orange juice.

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  • D Ussé Cognac VSOP

    D’Ussé Cognac VSOP has been embraced by rapper/entrepreneur Jay Z since its launch a few years ago. The bold bottle is a keeper, too – it’s decorated with the Cross of Lorraine, a “French symbol of honor, courage and perseverance.” Naturally aged at least four and a half years in the cellars of France’s Château de Cognac, D’USSÉ VSOP Cognac emerges as a bold, full-bodied blend that arouses the palate.

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  • D Ussé Cognac XO

    D’Ussé Cognac XO is a cognac that has been aged longer in the barrel compared to its younger brother VSOP. Flavor notes of ripe blackberry and apricot, layered with hints of dark chocolate and walnut, culminating in an exceptionally balanced finish.

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  • Darroze Armagnac 40 year old

    Thousands of centuries old treasures are held in stock at the Darroze house. This diversity in crus, vintages, grape varieties and styles has allowed Marc Darroze to work on this range known as « Les Grands Assemblages » (The Great Blends). Many years of ageing in 400 litre oak barrels have conferred suaveness and roundness on the tannins so that each « Grand Assemblage » reveals its own proper balance between the alcohol, the aromas and the tannins.

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  • DeKuyper Kirschwasser

    DeKuyper Kirschwasser makes an excellent digestif after a meal. Although the delicate nature of Kirschwasser brandies make them ideal on their own, they can be mixed with Champagne or sparkling wine, then garnished with the corresponding fruit makes a delightful cocktail.

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  • Delord Armagnac 25 year old

    Delord Armagnac 25 year old is kept away from the light, in a room called Paradise. Delord is one of the only Armagnac houses using the two methods of distillation; the continuous distillation method that is typical for Armagnac and the double distillation. Their two Armagnac alambics, one of which is a « Sier » dating from 1900, are both column stills equipped with particular plates called “spider plates » which are ideal for the production of old Armagnacs.

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  • Delord Armagnac Blanche

    Delord Armagnac Blanche is rich and fruity, strong and round, and therefore can be consumed in a variety of ways. – Pure, at room temperature, chilled or with an ice cube, just so you can appreciate the true beautiful flavors and roundness,- With caviar, smoked fish and numerous desserts such as lemon tart, keylime pie, tart tatin and lemon sabayon

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  • E & J Brandy

    E & J Brandy is distilled and aged to demonstrate finesse and delicacy of California brandy. E&J Brandy is mellowed in aged oak barrels to achieve its remarkably smooth mellow taste. This expensive time consuming aging process develops the truest, natural expression of E & J Brandy.

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