Calvados must be distilled twice in a pot still, like those used for Cognac and from cider rather than from wine. The discovery of the cider brandy dates back until the 16th century, where it had the reputation of being nothing but a simple eau de vie that farmers used to drink. Calvados Pays d’Auge comes from the heart of Calvados country.

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  • Berneroy Calvados XO

    Berneroy Calvados XO, the oldest calvados in the range, has a distinctive nose of fresh apples, with a hint of pear, slowly evolving with age to develop more complex aromas of butter, vanilla, baked apple and licorice. The rich harmony of flavors of Berneroy Calvados makes it perfect digestif which will also compliment the finest cheeses.

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  • Boulard Calvados Grande Solage

    Boulard Calvados Grande Solage has rich, fruity notes with light wood and toasted nut aromas. Well balanced harmony between vanilla, wood and ripe apple. Founded in the late 1820s by Pierre-August Boulard, Boulard is today headed by Managing Director Vincent Boulard, representing the fifth generation of his family to oversee this historic family business. Boulard’s time honored reputation begins in the firm’s 150 acres of orchards and 35,000 apple trees in the Pays d’Auge district, the officially designated source of the finest apples in Normandy.

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  • Calvados Drouin Pomme Prisonnière

    This Calvados with an apple in the bottle is definitely a sight! The trick of using a pear in the bottle has been known for some time now: after placing a bottle over the still fresh fruit, it ripens to its fullest potential. Still, it happened for the first time in 1981 in Christian Drouin’s garden that an apple was also allowed to ripen in the bottle. The sugar and the fruity aromas inside the apple contribute through its life-long maceration directly in the bottle.

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  • Christian Drouin Calvados VSOP

    Christian Drouin Calvados VSOP is a blend of spirits of different ages. Fruit, flower and spice aromas blend harmoniously with no dominant note. The story of Drouin Calvados began around 1960. There was nothing to indicate that Christian Drouin was destined to make a career in spirits. Nothing, that is, apart from his taste for good food and good wines. When he bought a farm he decided to use the cider-apple orchards to produce calvados.

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  • Coquerel Calvados VSOP

    Coquerel Calvados VSOP comes from Domaine du Coquerel, near the timeless Mont Saint Michel, and was founded in 1937. It takes over 13 pounds of apples to make a 750 milliliter bottle of Calvados Coquerel. It is the #2 Calvados in the world. High-quality calvados usually has parts which are much older than that mentioned. “V.S.O.P.”, or “VSOP” must be at least four years old. Calvados can be made from a single and exceptionally good year. When this happens, the label often carries that year.

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