Armagnac was one of the first areas in France to begin distilling spirits. Armagnac must be from the Armagnac region in Gascony, southwest France. Armagnac can be blended, unblended Vintage Armagnac is also very common. In both cases, the age indicated on the label is that of the youngest drink in the blend.

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  • Armagnac di Montal VS

    Armagnac is the oldest wine based eau-de-vie produced in the heart of Gascony, South West France. The development of Armagnac remains artisanal, which includes three stages, all of equal importance: winemaking, distillation and aging. The aging in wood gives complexity and extra sweetness. Since its distillation, Armagnac is put on aging in oak barrels or “pieces” of 400 liters. These parts are stored in warehouses where temperature and humidity are controlled. The Armagnac de Montal come in a large range of vintages from 1893 to 2005. Montal is probably the biggest producer of Armagnac with the most modern distillery in the Gascony region.

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  • Darroze Armagnac 40 year old

    Thousands of centuries old treasures are held in stock at the Darroze house. This diversity in crus, vintages, grape varieties and styles has allowed Marc Darroze to work on this range known as « Les Grands Assemblages » (The Great Blends). Many years of ageing in 400 litre oak barrels have conferred suaveness and roundness on the tannins so that each « Grand Assemblage » reveals its own proper balance between the alcohol, the aromas and the tannins.

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  • Delord Armagnac 25 year old

    Delord Armagnac 25 year old is kept away from the light, in a room called Paradise. Delord is one of the only Armagnac houses using the two methods of distillation; the continuous distillation method that is typical for Armagnac and the double distillation. Their two Armagnac alambics, one of which is a « Sier » dating from 1900, are both column stills equipped with particular plates called “spider plates » which are ideal for the production of old Armagnacs.

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  • Delord Armagnac Blanche

    Delord Armagnac Blanche is rich and fruity, strong and round, and therefore can be consumed in a variety of ways. – Pure, at room temperature, chilled or with an ice cube, just so you can appreciate the true beautiful flavors and roundness,- With caviar, smoked fish and numerous desserts such as lemon tart, keylime pie, tart tatin and lemon sabayon

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