Most brandies are made by applying heat, originally from open flames, to wine. The heat drives out and concentrates the alcohol naturally present in the wine. The cooled vapors contain most of the alcohol from the original liquid along with some of its water.

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  • Alexander Grappa

    Alexander Grappa comes in a series of sensational hand-blown bottles, each designed by Sandro Bottega and made by local master craftsmen at the family’s glass production site. Delicate aroma of fresh fruit, hazelnut and vanilla. Can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, in coffee or as cocktail ingredient.

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  • Ansac VS Cognac

    Ansac Cognac VS is the youngest cognac of Ansac, the eaux-de-vie used in the cognac have been ageing for at least 2 years in oak barrels. Deep amber color. Tingly, fruity, burnt caramel and nut nose. The palate is crisp and elegant with good presence and exceptional length. Ansac’s cognacs are produced in three different ages: VS, VSOP and XO.

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  • Aquavit

    Aquavit, Överste Brännvin, is a classic caraway brandy and is one of the most popular. The “Överste Brännvin” was very popular until about 2008, when production stopped after Pernod Ricard‘s takeover of the Swedish drinks manufacturer. Produced in Scandinavian countries, Akvavit derives its name from aqua vitae (Latin: “water of life”), applied originally to drinks distilled from wine, as it was made from imported wine; the product therefore was highly expensive until Swedish soldiers learned to make aquavit from grain.

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  • Armagnac di Montal VS

    Armagnac is the oldest wine based eau-de-vie produced in the heart of Gascony, South West France. The development of Armagnac remains artisanal, which includes three stages, all of equal importance: winemaking, distillation and aging. The aging in wood gives complexity and extra sweetness. Since its distillation, Armagnac is put on aging in oak barrels or “pieces” of 400 liters. These parts are stored in warehouses where temperature and humidity are controlled. The Armagnac de Montal come in a large range of vintages from 1893 to 2005. Montal is probably the biggest producer of Armagnac with the most modern distillery in the Gascony region.

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  • Badel Slivovitz

    Badel Slivovitz is one of our best selling Slivovitz. Made from fine plums from Croatia, produced by means of traditional method of distilling fresh and ripe plums. This fresh plum distillate is then aged in wooden casks made of Slavonian Oak. 1 Liter

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  • Banfi Grappa di Brunello

    Banfi Grappa di Brunello is distilled from the soul of the grape – the solids left behind when the juice of the grape starts on its journey to becoming wine. Few producers have managed to refine this technique as masterfully as Castello Banfi. A premium Grappa produced from the grape skins of Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino, Castello Banfi Grappa was recognized at the “10th Concorso Nazionale Grappe” judging at VinItaly, where it received the highest honor given, the diploma con Medaglia d’Oro.

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  • Barsol Pisco Quebranta

    Barsol Pisco Quebranta is crafted in small batches and distilled to bottle proof; neither water nor any other ingredients are added, thereby creating an exceptional spirit of exquisite purity, clarity and smoothness. Highly awarded for its superior taste, BarSol Primero boasts subtle aromas of pear and ripe fruit balanced with delicate citrus notes that evolve into a seductively long and elegant finish. Definitely, a connoisseurs delight! BarSol Primero is the Perfect Pisco to make the best pisco sour!

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  • Berneroy Calvados XO

    Berneroy Calvados XO, the oldest calvados in the range, has a distinctive nose of fresh apples, with a hint of pear, slowly evolving with age to develop more complex aromas of butter, vanilla, baked apple and licorice. The rich harmony of flavors of Berneroy Calvados makes it perfect digestif which will also compliment the finest cheeses.

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  • Boulard Calvados Grande Solage

    Boulard Calvados Grande Solage has rich, fruity notes with light wood and toasted nut aromas. Well balanced harmony between vanilla, wood and ripe apple. Founded in the late 1820s by Pierre-August Boulard, Boulard is today headed by Managing Director Vincent Boulard, representing the fifth generation of his family to oversee this historic family business. Boulard’s time honored reputation begins in the firm’s 150 acres of orchards and 35,000 apple trees in the Pays d’Auge district, the officially designated source of the finest apples in Normandy.

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  • Calvados Drouin Pomme Prisonnière

    This Calvados with an apple in the bottle is definitely a sight! The trick of using a pear in the bottle has been known for some time now: after placing a bottle over the still fresh fruit, it ripens to its fullest potential. Still, it happened for the first time in 1981 in Christian Drouin’s garden that an apple was also allowed to ripen in the bottle. The sugar and the fruity aromas inside the apple contribute through its life-long maceration directly in the bottle.

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  • Camus Cognac VS

    Camus Cognac VS, Very Special, is a blend of different eaux-de-vie of the Cognac region. Distilled in small classic alembic charentais copper stills the resulting eau de vie is then aged in Limousin oak barrels with fewer tannins to let the personality of the original eau de vies shine through rather than be subsumed by the oak.

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  • Camus Cognac XO

    Camus Cognac XO is a blend of venerable eaux-de-vie from exceptional vineyards, with a strong aromatic presence of the CAMUS House signature Borderies appellation, this Cognac is rich and soft, with subtle hints of vanilla, candied fruits, liquorice, and mild oak, all culminating in a persistent, leathery finish. CAMUS XO ELEGANCE reveals its elegant richness either neat or on the rocks.

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  • Camus ile de Re XO Cognac

    Camus ile de Re XO Cognac is a special, maritime Cognac – partly aged close to the sea, later on matured with different conditions. Mellow, softly rounded and smooth palate with a marriage of dried fruit and old leather, leading into a powerful and persistent finish of salty, iodine notes. Serve neat, over ice for a velvety texture and a full expression of the aromas or well chilled to accompany fresh seafood.

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  • Christian Brothers Frost White Brandy

    The rich and distinctive taste of Christian Brothers Brandy is the result of careful aging in small, hand selected oak barrels. The use of premium varietal grapes along with the unique distillation process combining the Pot Still and the Continuous Still methods, give Christian Brothers Brandy its classic aroma and flavor. You’ll find Frost White’s smoothness and layers of varietal flavors add a sophisticated dimension to juice and soda cocktails.

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  • Christian Drouin Calvados VSOP

    Christian Drouin Calvados VSOP is a blend of spirits of different ages. Fruit, flower and spice aromas blend harmoniously with no dominant note. The story of Drouin Calvados began around 1960. There was nothing to indicate that Christian Drouin was destined to make a career in spirits. Nothing, that is, apart from his taste for good food and good wines. When he bought a farm he decided to use the cider-apple orchards to produce calvados.

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  • Clear Creek Apple Brandy

    Clear Creek Apple Brandy is made from only the ripest Golden Delicious apples and hand-harvested from Steve McCarthy's orchards on the northeastern slope of Mount Hood, Oregon and distill. Clear Creek Apple Brandy has a lot of appeal to the traditional brandy drinker as well, as its color and barrel aged qualities are more familiar. Reminiscent of biting into a ripe, juicy apple, this is a true American classic that is sure to appeal to fans of both Calvados and Cognac. 375ml.

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