Honey Liqueurs

Honey Liqueurs are made with herbs, spices, honey and often a base of whisky. Some Honey Liqueurs have been a traditional drink based on whisky, honey and oatmeal, for centuries. Atholl Brose captures the best natural flavors of Scotland. Drambuie is made from a unique blend of the finest scotch whiskies. Barenjager is a unique liqueur of high quality made exclusively from pure, natural ingredients, such as aromatic highland honey and fine spirits. The honey marries extremely well with the charcoal-filtered flavor profile of the Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. Tennessee Whiskey

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  • Barenjager

    Barenjager is one of the classic German Liqueurs developed in Eastern Prussia in the late 15 century. Bärenjäger meaning “bear hunter” was the first commercial brand of this liqueur that was produced in the capital city of Königsberg. Barenjager is a delicious vodka-based liqueur that can be enjoyed straight over ice, added to tea or a hot toddy, or even poured straight on vanilla ice cream.

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  • Celtic Honey

    Celtic Honey is inspired by a recipe that survived through the history of the Celtic tribes of Olde Ireland. Famous for their intricate swirling designs in iron and gold, Ancient Celts were also celebrated for a liqueur made using early Irish ingredients. Celtic legend has it that this mysterious drink had the power to bring luck to those who drank it. Elusive and playful, it was reminiscent of the ever-changing shapes and shadows of their famed art.

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  • Drambuie

    Drambuie is the most well-known Scotch-based honey liqueur. The original secret recipe was perfected by Malcolm MacKinnon in the early years of the 20th century. Drambuie’s base whisky blend consists of approximately two-thirds grain to one-third malt, and of that malt, around one-third is very old malt whisky. Drambuie is a unique blend of aged Scotch Whisky, spices & heather honey.

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  • Grandtully Liqueur

    Grandtully Liqueur is fashionable anytime, anywhere, straight or on the rocks. Priced to please the most thrifty clansman. Grandtully tastes like Scotch, vanilla and honey mixed together.

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  • Irish Mist

    Irish Mist is the only authentic Irish liqueur. Irish Mist is linked with the history of Ireland, itself. In ancient Ireland, the Chieftains, nobles and warriors drank a wine made of honey and herbs. A unique blend of heather & clover honey takes you away to a cool, Irish ‘morn on the green!

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  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Liqueur

    Enjoy the aroma and flavor of the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey Liqueur. It features a unique taste that blends molasses, pralines, toasted nuts, chocolate and honeycomb to be sweet and warm. This Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey has a 70 proof formula to give you just the right amount of kick you’re looking for.

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  • Licor 43

    Licor 43 is a smooth Spanish liqueur with a history that dates back to the time of the Romans. Its name is derived from the basic ingredient from which it is made, principally herbs, fruit and citrus carefully selected from the Mediterranean basin. Crafted according to a secret formula protected dearly by a select few, this delightful concoction is exceptionally unique, exhibiting a flavor profile unmatched by any other liqueur in the world.

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  • Seagrams 7 Crown & Dark Honey

    Seagrams 7 Crown & Dark Honey is a Seagram’s 7 Crown American blended whiskey dosed with honey and spices that is easy to mix, easy to serve to create an exceptionally smooth and delicious taste experience.

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