Herb Liqueurs

Many herbal liqueurs were first created for medicinal use and maintaining good health since ancient times. Some herbs are deteriorated by heating, and their medicinal power can be extracted by immersing into alcohol. Benedictine and Chartreuse are both Monastic liqueurs. The liqueur is named after the Monks’ Grande Chartreuse monastery, located in the Chartreuse Mountains of France. Many herb liqueurs contain dozens of different ingredients, the exact constitution and combination of which is invariably a jealously-guarded secret.
Other herb liqueurs include Italian classics such as Sambuca and cult drinks like Jagermeister, Strega, Jeppson’s Malört, Chicago’s local beskbrännvin a style of bitter, wormwood-based, Swedish schnapps.

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  • Aftershock Liqueur

    Aftershock Liqueur is a cinnamon flavored liqueur that has proved immensely popular since its introduction and is by far the best selling of the range. Hot and cool. Great for parties. A taste explosion! Great with lemonade as a tasty but fun drink.

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  • Agwa de Bolivia

    Agwa de Bolivia is the only coca leaf liquor in the world with 32 grams of coca leaf in each bottle. The coca leaf had been used for thousands of years by the native South American population. Agwa, a natural herbal product can be cut to make sensational shots, marvelous martini’s and classy cocktails.

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  • B&B 375ml

    B&B is a proprietary matured blend of French brandy and Benedictine, that requires a process of over 2 years to create and balance. In the 1930s, during Prohibition in the United States, a barman at Club 21 in Manhattan came up with the idea of mixing brandy with the Benedictine liqueur. The drink rapidly became famous under the name of B&B (Benedictine & Brandy), to the extent that, in 1937, it was decided to produce B&B. B&B is the first pre-mixed cocktail. 375 ml bottle: 12.68 ounces.

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  • Becherovka Liqueur

    Becherovka is often described as having a gingery or cinnamony flavor. The inventor of Becherbitter was Josef Vitus Beche, a trader in spices and colonial goods in his shop. Becherovka is made from a secret recipe based on a wide variety of herbs and spices including Karlovy Vary spring water, good quality spirit, sugar and a special blend of around 32 herbs and spices.

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  • Benedictine

    Made by French Benedictine monks at Fecamp, Dom Benedictine has as its basis the blending of 27 different plants and spices from five continents. Plants include a blend of herbs, spices and an infusion of saffron, honey, thyme, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, tea and caramel. The quality of ingredients and the maturation of Benedictine in oak casks for three months combine to produce a truly unique spirit.  The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, but Benedictine is distilled in copper pot stills and aged in oak barrels.

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  • Bitter Truth EXR Krauter Liqueur

    The Bitter Truth – E**X**R« is a herbal liqueur that blurs the lines of conventional wisdom. The Bitter Truth EXR liqueur is in the “bitters” category of liqueurs, though they themselves describe it as “firmly rooted in the traditions of both classic sweet vermouths and alpine digestive tonics. One of a series of bitter tonic, amaro or digestif type bitters (German name is Kruder Liqueur) from a relatively new company in Germany (although truth be told anyone other than Fernet Branca, Campari, and Cynar – all around for over 100 years -is a relative newcomer).

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  • Chartreuse Green

    Chartreuse Green is a French liqueur made by the Carthusian Monks since 1737 according to the instructions set out in a manuscript given to them by François Annibal d’Estrées in 1605. Only two monks know the entire recipe. One of the monks is responsible for purchasing all of the ingredients and the other monk is responsible for blending the raw ingredients so others can help work on the production process.

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  • Chartreuse Liqueur du 9e Centenaire

    Chartreuse Liqueur du 9e Centenaire from the Carthusian order is let to age for an extensive period of time in oak casks and is then bottled in individually numbered bottles, whose shape can be compared with the bottles used for Chartreuse from 1840 to 1878. Chartreuse Liqueur du 9e Centenaire has 47% ABV and can be consumed well-chilled or on ice.

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  • Chartreuse Yellow

    Milder and sweeter than the famous Green Chartreuse, Chartreuse Yellow was introduced to the world in 1838. It also is presented in the traditional Chartreuse liqueur bottle embossed with the seal of La Grande Chartreuse. Its color is entirely natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives. It, too, can be enjoyed neat or in a long drink.

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  • Damiana Liqueur

    Damiana Liqueur is a light herbal based liqueur from Mexico. It’s made with the Damiana herb, that grows in Baja California, Mexico. It has great mixability and tastes great as a shooter. The bottle is shaped like a pregnant woman and is modeled after the Incan God of Fertility. The Damiana Margarita is very popular in the Los Cabos area of Mexico and the original margarita was made with Damiana Liqueur

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  • DeKuyper Peppermint Burst Schnapps

    DeKuyper Peppermint Burst Schnapps delivers that flavorful taste explosion you crave. Experience the DeKuyper Burst line of products, enjoyed straight-up or in an exciting new mixed shot. A nip of DeKuyper Blustery Peppermint Schnapps warms things up!

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  • Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

    Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, made in France since 2007, was inspired by the French tradition in which sweet and fresh elixirs were fortified by fine eaux de vie and top-quality VSOP and XO Cognacs. Baby Vietnamese ginger is imported to France, then prepared by hand and macerated with a secret blend of spices and herbs. Flavors from vanilla beans, honey and ginsing are then infused to add “vibrancy and dimension.” Domaine de Canton is packaged in a beautiful bamboo styled bottle.

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  • Esprit de June Liqueur

    Esprit de June, a liqueur created in France and can consider itself the only liqueur produced with the vine-flowers of several grape varietals, that blossom for only a few days in June. Hand cut from the vine, the flowers are carefully transported in traditional wooden baskets. The vine flowers are then delicately collected in woven fiber “tea bags”. These “tea bags”, each containing different types of vine flowers, are steeped in artisanal grape neutral spirit for several days to extract their unique flavors.

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  • Fernet Branca

    Over the years Fernet Branca has successfully preserved the personality and uniqueness that have conquered Europe and America alike. Its secret formula, passed down from father to son in the Branca family, has guaranteed the protection of the quality that still makes it the digestive bitter liqueur par excellence. Saffron is just one of the over 40 herbs and spices used to make Fernet-Branca: much more than Italy’s greatest after-dinner drink, it is a key ingredient in the healthy lifestyle that Europeans and Americans have been enjoying for over 150 years.

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  • Fire Water Cinnamon Schnapps

    Fire Water Cinnamon Schnapps has been used to herald many a ritual, with a fiery tradition stretching back to the dark ages when the forces of good banded together to route the hosts of chaos. While such legends are now mere whisperings born from past battles, the spirit of Fire Water lives on, bringing companions together in the pursuit of new challenges and unrivaled celebration.

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  • Galliano Liqueur

    Galliano Liqueur is an Italian herb liqueur, golden yellow in color, tinged with green. It has a sweetish, herby taste with a strong vanilla character and is an ideal ingredient for exotic cocktails! One of the best ways to enjoy Galliano Vanilla is in the old classic, Harvey Wallbanger.

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