Coffee Liqueurs

Coffee liqueurs are made with real sugar, spice, aged spirit, vanilla bean and coffee to develop liqueurs that taste rich with the perks of a well-made cup of coffee.
Well known brands are Kahlúa, Patrón, Sabra, Trader Vic’s.

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  • Avion Espresso

    Avion Espresso combines Avion Silver Tequila, voted World’s Best Tasting Tequila at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, with fine Italian espresso, creating an ultra-premium, ultra-smooth espresso liqueur unlike anything on the market. Catering to consumers’ rapidly growing love for espresso, Avión Espresso provides a lively way to elevate the entertaining, dining and nightlife experience.

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  • Cafe Aztec Coffee Liqueur

    Cafe Aztec Coffee Liqueur is a rich, sweet liqueur with a wonderfully inviting aroma filled with dark roasted coffee. As the flavor follows suit perfectly, Café Aztec by Hiram Walker is a wonderful way to spice up a wide range of your favorite cocktails. Hiram Walker offers a product for every occasion—a night on the town, a holiday celebration, or an evening at home.

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  • Caffe Lolita

    Caffe Lolita is created from only the finest coffees and quality ingredients. A liqueur imported from Mexico with the rich coffee flavor and subtle hints of chocolate. Coffee and chocolate together–there is no greater joy. Except maybe when you make a cocktail of Caffe Lolita Liqueur, spiced rum, and vanilla ice cream.

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  • Els Iced Coffee

    The aroma in coffee ice cream with a caramel backing. The sweet coffee ice cream entry is creamy without having a thick mouth feel. Natural vanilla and fresh dairy cream arrive at the midpoint, before fading with butterscotch and sweet orange wine flavor. It finishes with a tingle of alcohol. Els Iced Coffe is light, clean, refreshing, smooth and well-balanced. It’s extremely drinkable.

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  • Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

    Kahlua Coffee Liqueur is created from an age-old special recipe. First, they lightly roast only the finest hand-pieced Mexican coffee beans. Then, the coffee is blended with a range of carefully chosen cane spirits. Finally, the secret ingredients are added to make the world’s most popular coffee liqueur.

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  • Kahlua Especial Coffee Liqueur

    Kahlua Especial raises the sophisticated coffee lover’s passion to a whole new level. Take a mystical journey as you uncover the exotic complexities of this mountain grown, small-batch roasted cafe liqueur. Kahlua is a rich syrupy coffee liqueur, however, it is cut with the most natural fantastic spices to balance it. This is really one of the best alcoholic mixers in the universe.

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  • Kahlua French Vanilla

    Indulge in the new Kahlua French Vanilla. The exotic origin of vanilla, Madagascar, furthers the consumers’ unforgettable and exotic flavor experience. Adds some very nice like flavors and layers of taste to all the usual Kahlúa recipes.

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