British Beer

Learning about British beer styles is complicated. We have three separate recognized styles within the world of bitters: standard or ordinary bitter, best, special, or premium bitter, and extra special or strong bitter, better known as ESB. India Pale Ale, Mild or Brown Ale, Porter, Stout, Old Ale, Irish Red Ale, Strong Scotch Ale. there’s now more beer than ever to choose from. Pale or golden brews offer most refreshment, but you’ll find many dark alternatives.

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  • Belhaven Scottish Ale

    Belhaven Scottish Ale is considered one of the benchmarks of the “Scottish Ale” style, due both to its long history and its impressive quality.  Belhaven Brewery is the oldest surviving brewery in Scotland. It ’s roots as a commercial brewery go back all the way to 1719. However, it’s widely believed by historians that brewing operations have been going on at the site since at least the Middle Ages. Bottle 16.9oz.

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  • Boddington’s Ale

    Boddington’s Ale is an authentic English Cream Ale that pours with an initial clouding that clears slowly to produce a unique, pale golden color and thick creamy head, thus its’ name Cream of Manchester.

    4-pack 500ml. Cans

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  • Greens Dry Hopped Lager

    Greens Dry Hopped Lager is made from gluten-free ingredients – millet, sorghum, rice, buckwheat, hops, water, and yeast (with no wheat or barley). Golden pale in color, the nose is a mix of citrus-floral aroma sensations, clean with a light malt taste, but with hoppy aftertaste.

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  • Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12 Year Cask

    Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12year Cask (pronounced ‘ola-doo’ and Gaelic for ‘black oil’) was conceived in 2007. It was the first ale to be matured in whisky barrels from a named distillery and, with traceable casks and numbered bottles, it is a beer with real provenance. To make Ola Dubh 12, we take our Old Engine Oil (amped up to 10.5%) and age it for up to 6 months in casks that previously held Highland Park 12 Year Old single malt. And it is ready only when our head brewer, Stuart, deems it ready!

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  • Newcastle Brown Ale

    Newcastle Brown Ale is perceived in the UK as a working-man's beer, with a long association with heavy industry, the traditional economic staple of the North East of England. Launched in 1927 by Colonel Jim Porter after three years of development, the merger of Newcastle Breweries with Scottish Brewers afforded the beer national distribution and sales peaked in the United Kingdom during the early 1970s. 6-pack 12oz. Bottles.

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  • Old Speckled Hen Ale

    Old Speckled Hen Ale is a English Pale Ale style beer brewed by Greene King / Morland Brewery in Suffolk, UK. Malty nose with fruity hop presence. Fruity aromas, light sweet, medium bitter. Medium body, fat, milky mouthfeel. An all occasion beer suitable for different gatherings. 6-pack 12oz. Bottles.

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  • Samuel Smith Organic Ale

    Samuel Smith Organic Ale is reminiscent of the early 20th century brews not only in the brewing process and flavor, but label design as well. A delicately flavored golden ale in which subtle fruity esters from the Samuel Smith yeast strain interact with a background of maltiness and fresh hops. Dungeness crab salad, free range herbed chicken, hummus, smoked salmon and masala. Serve in traditional Samuel Smith nonik.

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